Book Keeping Services

We can help improve management performance by undertaking the role of your departments. Our bookkeeping service can aid the improvement of management efficiency by providing enhanced information, at the right time, for a cost which is more attractive in comparison to employing an in-house bookkeeper. Experience has found that our clients benefit from a comprehensive service ranging from full bookkeeping to regular management accounts, including bank reconciliation, creditors ledger, debtors ledger, nominal ledger and VAT returns. In addition to this we specialise in the set-up or overhaul to your accounting system ranging from the chart of accounts structure to software implementation and training of your staff.Reliable financial data is essential to decision-making and your management team needs confidence that the data in the accounts is complete and accurate.Our bookkeeping services allow you to focus on delivering value to the organization, control costs and optimize technology resources. Our primary concern is that you get the support you need to succeed.

In today’s global marketplace where national borders are fading into irrelevance, Our services provide tailored step-by-step guidance and assistance in key administrative areas from the start-up phase onward to ensure your business has all the fundamentals for local or international success. iMaster challenges the way back office services have traditionally been supplied allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. Through our specialist teams, we assist domestic as well as international companies/ accounting firms to be more efficient.

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