Risk Intelligence

Business risk appears in a bewildering variety of guises. Of course, Your organization can customize risk through various strategies and mechanisms, but still there are no certainties.

Risk management is now viewed as an integral part of how organizations are governed and how they comply with the statutory rules and laws of the sectors and regions they do business in. Embedding risk management in the "business as usual" operations of the business, is by far the hardest element of achieving enterprise-wide risk management, but getting it right delivers the most benefits.

Our advanced Risk Management tools and methodologies, which have led to significant enhancement in performance of companies where we are associated Corpvision helps companies improve its enterprise wide processes, lower its operational costs, reduce enterprise risk thereby providing companies a sustainable competitive advantage.

Some key areas covered within Risk Advisory Services include :

iMaster is working in the above risk advisory areas across almost all sectors and has a knowledge database which is used to further enhance value to its clients.

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