Spreadsheet Modeling Solutions

Our Spreadsheet Modelling Solutions team can transform the way your organisation uses Excel®, releasing you to unlock the decision-making power of robust and flexible financial models. We offer customised spreadsheet modelling or software solutions for all organisations, from large listed entities to SME's.

Service Solutions

We provide the following services, when you are under-resourced or require external facilitation:

We have significant expertise in the development of :

We can review your financial models and provide formal review opinions, in situations where an independent review is required.

We are using bpmToolbox and bpmModules, software developed by BPM Analytical Empowerment ,Australia, which integrates seamlessly into Excel® to reduce financial model development time by up to 75 per cent!

Here is a small sample of the tools within this software:

A number of New Zealand and Australian and Indian organisations rely upon BPM’s software to create Forecasts, Budgets, Management Reporting Packs, Valuations, Pricing Models, and for Mergers & Acquisitions analysis.

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