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About Friiojoy International Private Limited

Friiojoy International Private Limited is an organization of professionals with over two decades of experience in the food processing industry. Perceptive and perseverant, our vision is to offer products of excellent value proposition and communicate the superb spread and nutrition of Indian food to a global audience. To this beginning, we have established a brand ‘Vattam’ for ready-made Idly–Dosa batter as a first step from our house of Food.

Our commitment to food safety, sustainability, innovation and technology has helped us scale high peaks, and we are slowly spreading our footprint from Mumbai to other areas in Maharashtra in our trajectory to establish a pan-India presence. The grounded approach, experienced team and traditional ideas to food manufacture are what sets us apart.

Customer delight is our lifeline, and we take pride in manufacturing and delivering products from premium ingredients. Our products are free from preservatives, yeast, colours and artificial substances. We ensure that the traditional practises and recipes are holistically matched to modern standards to deliver that authentic taste that consumers seek!

Welcome to a world where a timeless mission meets enduring value… Welcome to Friiojoy International!


Friiojoy International aims to become the fastest growing FMCG Company with a reputation to

  • Deliver high Quality Products
  • Offer consumers excellent choice with a deep product portfolio
  • Ensure Food Safety and Hygiene at every touch point

We aim to achieve customer delight by taking utmost care in all our operations and make ourselves the brand of choice for people to select our products and enjoy its authentic taste and rejoice with families and friends.


To become loved and trusted brands in Food segments to indulge the taste buds of the consumers through our range of products.


Trust & Loyalty

Our products are manufactured using premium ingredients to deliver the finest quality and authentic taste. Our dedication towards consumers and their trust in our products as their everyday meal companion are at the core of the long-lasting relation that we enjoy with them.

Our Company practices are based on mutual trust between various stakeholders, full dedication and transparency towards our values, and responsibility to deliver & cater to our society who are our customers and with whom we interact daily.

Ethics & Transparency

Our company Policies, Framework & Objectives are open and transparent to all stakeholders.
We abide by the law of places where we operate and ensure to deliver 100% compliance in all aspects, including corporate social responsibility obligations and environmental compliances, as appropriate.

Joy & Passion

Our products always trigger joy in people as they prepare their food in their kitchen with lots of love and promotes a passion for cooking and enjoying a meal with family and friends.

Our products always give joyful moments to consumers as they recollect their traditional nostalgia on home food habits.

Innovation & Excellence

We are continuously looking to innovate across all departments for continual improvement and push the boundary of potentials beyond all boundary limits and come out with out-of-the box innovations and inventions.
Our consumers are always delighted with the innovative products we deliver and the traditional taste they bring. We thus blend modern technology and standards with traditional expertise to deliver top value.

Quality & Food Safety Policy

Friiojoy International is a manufacturer and marketer of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Food products. Our products are manufactured using premium and natural ingredients. We offer integrated solutions to Consumers and Customers across various regions. Friiojoy is dedicated to excellence in food safety and quality.

Our goal is to ensure the fulfilment of our Consumer’s & Customer’s requirements and compliance with the strict food safety and quality standards and applicable legislation issued by governments and regulatory authorities.

Our responsibility is to provide safe food at the highest quality in which our customers have complete confidence.

Obligations to our stakeholders

At Friiojoy, we are committed to taking a process approach for achieving the highest quality for our stakeholders: 

Our consumers & customers – by completely fulfilling our Consumers’ and Customers’ demands to their satisfaction through innovation, product quality and service, and providing products and services that meet all legal and customer requirements.

Our vendors – by cooperating with our vendors as part of our quality management program to ensure Food Safety and Quality at the highest level, right from raw material selection & supply till delivery of finished products

An integrated quality & food safety system

To achieve Quality at the highest level, Friiojoy has an integrated Quality system in place based on two pillars which are important in all parts of our business. These are: 

  • Quality Management
  • Food Safety Management

Our policy is to operate the quality system based on these two pillars at each of our locations.

Measurement and improvement

We always strive to improve our Quality & Food Safety continuously. We do this by setting up our annual operating plans and yearly goals, programs, recording, monitoring and evaluating performance, verifications & validation and establishing the scope for improvement. We aim to support our employees at each level and create a culture of improvement within the organization, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

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